Service 24 hours / 365 days a year
  • IPSE provides a 24 hour-service to its clients, ensuring immediate response to any
    circumstance of the organizational area: deaths, robberies, kidnappings, accidents,
    changes of place of residence, problems of depression or anxiety or other difficult situations.
  • We have parallel and redundant dial-up systems to permanently secure access
    to our services.
  • The National on-duty Supervisor is available 24 hours/365 days. This supervisor is always
    a specialized Psychologist, who will manage and mobilize the appropriate resources you need.

Inmediate response

IPSE has a network of over 300 Psychologists, distributed all over the Spanish territory,
allowing your organization to have access to:
  • Call Center 24 hours/365 days.
  • Psychological assistance on-site at any place in Spain during the hours following the request.
  • Psychological assistance at a Psychologist´s office in all provincial capitals in Spain
    within 24 hours of the request, on weekdays.
  • Psychological assistance by telephone permanently.
  • Psychological assistance on-site abroad.

Our Professional Psychologists, part of an Official Spanish Psychological Association, have a Senior Consultant
profile with specific postgraduate training and proven experience. These Psychologists are responsible for
carrying out the health care response, under the coordination of the on-duty National Supervisoring Psychologist.

For a more detailed information, please download
the document: "Employee Support Program (ESP)”

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