Service 24 hours / 365 days of the year
  • IPSE provides a 24 hour service to its customers, ensuring an immediate response to any
    circumstances in the organizational context: deaths, assaults, kidnappings, accidents,
    changes in place of residence, depressive or anxiety problems or other difficult situations.
  • We have dial-up systems and redundant parallel to ensure permanent access to our services.
  • The National Guard Supervisor is available 24 hours / 365 days. The supervisor is always one
    psychologist specialized, who will manage and mobilize appropriate resources that you need.

Inmediate reply
IPSE has a network of more than 300 psychologists, in Spain, so that your organization can have:
  • Psychological Assistance Call Center 24 h/365 days
  • Psychological assistance in situ anywhere in Spain in the hours following the request
  • Psychological assistance in consultation in all provincial capitals of Spain in the following
    24 hours of the request, on weekdays
  • Psychological assistance telephone Permanent
  • Psychological assistance abroad in situ

Our professional psychologists, collegiate, have a Senior profile with specific training of
postgraduate and proven experience. These psychologists are responsible for carrying out
assistance response, coordinated by the National Supervisory Psychologist-Guard.

For more detailed information, please download document
"Psychological Assistance Program in Emergencies and Critical Situations"

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