• Adults unit
    Analysis, assessment and counseling for psychological disorders in adults:
    Anxiety, depression, addictions (alcohol, gambling, ...), sleep disorders,
    sexual dysfunctions…

  • Child and Adolescent Unit
    Analysis, assessment and counseling for the difficulties or psychological disorders in childhood
    and adolescence:
    Alterations in food intake, sleep disturbances, behavioral problems,
    lack of motivation or academic achievement…

  • Grief Support Unit
    Grief is a natural response after the death of a loved one. Each person feels that loss in a different way,
    depending on many factors, which influence the intensity and duration. There are also a number
    of circumstances that may make the grieving process more difficult, which are called risk factors.

    From IPSE, we offer a Specialized Grief Care Unit that guides, helps and facilitates
    the process.

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