IPSE offers Counseling, Intervention and Training in Emergency Psychology, either
Work Psychology or Clinical Psychology, for services, corps and other organizations
in Health, Police, Firefighting and Security areas, among others.

In critical situations (with a both proactive and reactive approach), our work is the psychological
expert advice to Management
(General, P.R., Prevention of occupational risks, Security,
Emergency) of the Entity in the procedures performance and psychological and
psychosocial assistant programs development

  • Organization of psychological assistance (onsite, via phone, in consultation, etc.) to direct
    victims, family or colleagues, hostages, or injured or dead people.
  • Advice on psychological aspects about information, management and comprehensive organization
    of the response to incidents, accidents, assaults, kidnappings or other critical situations.
  • Organization and development of specific devices of psychological and organizational support
    to victims and families.
  • Specific psychological support basis and individualized and/ or in group attention (with specific
    psychological techniques: defusing, debriefing ... for workers and professionals,
    who have experienced a traumatic situation (with or without loss of human lives).
  • Technical Consulting for General Management, Human Resources, medical services, security and
    energy about strategic management and assistance for the critical situation.

For more detailed information, please download document
"Psychological Assistance Program in Emergencies and Critical Situations"

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