We have multiple highly specific training programs, adapted to all the needs of your staff,
either with or without prior training, and for each and every one of the professional groups,
according to their desired and required needs for knowledge, including:

Leading Programs
  • Leading skills in emergency situations
  • Organizational management in the case of aircraft kidnappings
  • Planning, command and control of the emergency response
  • Emergency operating Simulations

Professional Development Programs
  • Psychological first aid by airlines assistant staff
  • Psychological first aid in bank robberies
  • Customer support and assistance during grief processes
  • Counseling and psychological first aid in critical situations
  • Stress inoculation for emergency personnel
  • Psychological first aid and communication skills
  • Psychological support to minors after airplane accidents
  • Psychological assistance to families of victims who disappeared in the maritime field
  • Psychological intervention techniques with staff involved in emergency: Immediate
    Small Group Support (ISGS), Powerful Event Group Support (PEGS)
  • Communication skills for staff: advanced models of consultation, communication and
    self-care to be able to care (for others)
  • Communication of bad news

For more detailed information, please download document
"Psychological Assistance Program in Emergencies and Critical Situations"

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