Situations in which you can request the services of an ESP
  • Deaths of persons with affective bonds.
  • Changes in place of residence.
  • Separations and marriage breakdowns in complicated circumstances.
  • Labor personal circumstances that affect work performance.
  • Family circumstances: complex family relationships, conflicts among members of the same family,
    serious illness of a family member, dependant family member with disabilities.
  • Economic and financial aspects.
  • Personal difficulties that cause dissatisfaction and conflicts.
  • Psychological assistance in drug and social addictions.
  • Any other situation that generate a high level of psychological discomfort to the worker.

How can the worker access to the services?
Access to the ESP services is always done under the following conditions:
  • Confidentiality: The worker will be assigned a personal and nontransferable code giving access to the services.
  • Free of cost to the employee that requests the service.
  • Unlimited access to the services.
  • Through an expert Psychologist.
  • Adjustment of the assistance to the personal characteristics of the worker.

For a more detailed information, please download
the document: "Employee Support Program (ESP)”

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